How Xcelacore’s Flexible Approach Can Help Your Business

At Xcelacore, we pride ourselves on driving innovation for our clients with flexibility, quality, and for less. We deliver a flexible framework tailored to each client’s needs. Read about what we mean when we say “flexibility” and how this approach can be beneficial for your business.

Flexibility: A Proven Approach

When it comes to solving technology problems and implementing new innovations, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t measure up to specific and unique business needs. Our team at Xcelacore is well-versed in gaining an understanding of every organization’s unique business challenges and developing a plan that is best suited to meet these challenges. Flexibility and adaptability breed innovation and a collaborative environment. Furthermore, supplementing internal gaps with outside expertise can make for a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the competition. From temporary arrangements and ongoing partnerships to hybrid teams and around-the-clock global support—what approach might work best for your business?

According to our 2024 State of Business-Driven Technology Report, business technology leaders find more success using hybrid models—a combination of internal teams and outside tech consultants/service providers—for technology implementation. Our clients have seen tremendous success by combining the institutional knowledge and skills of their internal teams with the outside perspectives of our seasoned experts. Technology and expertise gaps are filled, and varying degrees of industry knowledge are complimented to bring a project over the finish line. Another hybrid model focuses on a more staggered approach. When it comes to QA (Quality Assurance) Testing and Automation, for example, around-the-clock support and maintenance may be required. Xcelacore can provide offshore, onshore, and nearshore resources to guarantee that your applications and systems run smoothly and efficiently 24/7.

We are prepared to offer our expertise for one-time projects on an ongoing, long-term basis or can pivot as your needs evolve. Whether you need to employ our assistance to build a custom platform or application or to maintain and support automation or QA Testing programs until further notice, trust us to adapt our services to your needs.

Flexibility At Work

A Successful, Around-The-Clock Hybrid Team At Hibbert Group

Xcelacore provided offshore support, allowing QA work to be conducted overnight to maximize the productivity of Hibbert Group’s internal development team. Our deployed team of three quickly became an integrated extension of Hibbert’s development team, ensuring all systems were well-tested prior to system rollouts.

A Long-Term Partnership at PayMaple

PayMaple originally partnered with Xcelacore to evaluate various cloud solutions for their payment optimization application. The Xcelacore team built an onboarding application that allows Paymaple’s customers to sign up for their services. Based on the success of the on-boarding application, PayMaple continued the partnership with Xcelacore to build their POS system. The team continues to work on additional requirements and enhancements based on Agile methodology with weekly releases. We’re happy to say that PayMaple is a happy client, and they have chosen to continue our partnership by building out their technology infrastructure.

A Dedicated QA Testing Team at Great Wolf Lodge

In one of many projects with Great Wolf Resorts Inc., the Xcelacore team was enlisted to help improve bugs and defects within the organization’s mobile app. Our team established and executed QA Testing and Automation, ensuring 100% test coverage by performing mobile application testing across Android and iOS at each phase of development. As a result, the ratings for the mobile app increased from 2.8 in 2021 to 4.8 for IOS in 2023 and from 2.8 in 2021 to 4.2 for Android in 2023. As testing requirements continue to evolve, the Xcelacore team remains in place and continues to execute regular QA Testing and Automation to identify and prevent future defects.

Trust Xcelacore to provide personalized, custom-tailored services to match your organization’s unique business needs. Contact us today to get started.


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