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Empowering Marketing Agencies with Tech Innovation, Flexibility, and Cost-Efficiency

Xcelacore specializes in empowering marketing agencies to drive innovation through strategic technology implementations. As your trusted partner, we help agencies leverage technology to enhance campaign effectiveness, streamline operations, and optimize costs with our flexible, high-quality solutions.

Who We Work With

Xcelacore works with digital marketing agencies in both B2B and B2C.

B2B Marketing Agencies
B2C Marketing Agencies

How We Help

How Xcelacore drives technology innovation for marketing agencies:

  • Custom, flexible technology solutions that meet business requirements
  • System integration
  • Reporting and training
  • Leverage technology investments
  • Streamlining client deliverables and data extraction processes
  • Accurate sales forecasting/planning
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Featured Case Study

Case Study

Hibbert Group – Quality Assurance and Testing

“At Xcelacore, we understand that the purpose of implementing technology is to drive business results and that business is about adding value to people’s lives.”

Adnan Adamji

Partner & CTO @ Xcelacore, Inc.


We’re happy to discuss your technology challenges and ideas.