As a business leader, you’re often the one with the vision. You create the vision, strategy, and direction. Most times, you look to your team to help you choose the best path from Point A to Point Z. But if your team is full, thought time is often hard to come by. And strategy might be the thing you need the most, but have the least amount of time to create. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Xcelacore’s team of technology, business, and marketing professionals.

As a management team, we’ve led companies, teams, and vendors to accomplish business goals through technology solutions for the past two decades. We have the experience and objectivity to listen to your goals and map the right solutions to accomplish them efficiently, cost-effectively, and with an eye toward ensuring their viability in the future.

Therefore, if you know the “why” but lack the “what” and “how”, we understand. And, we’d like to help.


Making the wrong choice in technology can be costly and can seriously damage a company’s ability to grow or compete. Understanding why something needs to be one designed or executed way rather than another is rooted in strategy. Technology that lacks a guiding strategy is how companies end up with multiple systems that don’t communicate, duplicate functions in multiple departments, or house the same information in multiple places causing staff to duplicate time and effort.  It can be a paralyzing situation that costs time and extraordinary amounts of money.

Our team of strategists have the technology, marketing, and business experience to dig into your business processes and requirements, understand the optimized way that technology should be accelerating – not hindering – your teams, and then to design the technology strategy unique for your organization’s goals.

Our strategy will include:

  • Business analysis – environment, competitive landscape, market opportunities
  • Business requirements – operations, business, marketing, finance, IT
  • Technology assessment – current state and future state
  • Gap and opportunity analysis
  • Recommended technology architecture


In our experience, there is no single greater game changer in today’s business environment than technology. The right technology solution can make the difference between you and a competitor, or it can ensure that you’re flexible enough to respond to marketplace changes. On the flipside, if you’re behind in technology – or, have the wrong technology – very little can strangle the life out of a business. It’s our job to ensure you have the right technology implemented the right way for your business to succeed.

We have the team and experience to design your technology solution, manage implementation, or execute the solution from design through delivery.

In the same way that an architect understands how a space will be used and designs the structure to enhance that purpose, a technology solutions architect learns the business requirements that need to be met and then designs an optimal solution to meet those immediate and future requirements.

Our team of architects have designed solutions for rapidly growing start-ups, mature organizations trying to meet an expanding market, and companies looking to reinvent themselves for changing times.

Our solutions architects are certified in the following platforms:

  • Microsoft – C#, .net/asp, Azure
  • Adobe Marketing Solutions
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Datawarehouse solutions
  • eCommerce Platforms


Marketing is technology. From communications channels, to business intelligence, to advertising, to engagement, everything is digital. Offline marketing is the exception as much as it was once the rule. Our team of marketing professionals have led marketing for billion dollar corporations, rapidly growing dot coms, consulting teams at the Big Three consulting firms. In short, we have a diverse range of experience excelling at most facets of marketing.

Most companies are not short on tacticians. But in the same way that most companies lack the technology strategist, so too do they lack a real marketing strategist. And that’s the person who can make the difference between advancing your market position, or spinning your wheels.

Our team of marketing leaders can help you define the optimal marketing strategy, craft a plan, and even help carry out the plan if that’s what you need. We can be a SWAT team, a pure project team, or an ongoing partner.

Our marketing team specializes in the following areas:

  • Marketing (corporate or product) strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing plan development
  • Messaging and branding strategy
  • Market and competitive analysis and mapping
  • Web site strategy and development
  • Social media
  • Email marketing