QA Testing + Automation

Improve Work Velocity Through Automation

Software development and everything that goes into delivering quality software can be challenging if the right processes and tools are not in place. One of the most critical aspects to delivering high-quality software is through the process of QA testing and automation.

Testing an application requires significant time dedicated to mundane planning and detailed execution by quality assurance teams. All scenarios must be tested, all bugs identified and fixed and then retested to confirm fixes. When there’s new functionality, the same scenarios must be re-tested to make sure the existing code has not been inadvertently impacted. This arduous cycle is mandatory to deliver quality code and uses significant effort from  developers and quality assurance testers.

The Future of QA Testing

Xcelacore provides extensive experience in testing automation leveraging tools such as Selenium, Behat, and Browserstack. It’s not uncommon to see a 5-6 week development cycle reduced to 2 weeks because the regression test cycle can literally be completed in hours instead of days.

Delivers Impressive Results

The testing team consists of QA engineer(s) that are capable of automating the testing of completed code. Automation allows a developer or QA tester to merely run a script to confirm whether a specific test is working or broken. Over time, these scripts serve as the backbone of regression testing. They also allow developers to focus on new code and QA testers to focus on the manual testing of new code.

Quality Assurance Testing + Automation

How It Works

Xcelacore has implemented testing automation with impressive results. We leverage tools such as Selenium, Behat, and Browserstack to deliver world-class results in QA Testing Automation.  

Our clients are the proof. It’s commonplace to reduce a 5-6 week development cycle to 2 weeks by drastically shortening the time for regression testings. Imagine hundreds of user scenarios tested in hours as opposed to days of manual regression testing.  

Our QA engineers are an integral part of our client’s project teams.

Our Process

Xcelacore follows agile project management (APM) standards for most projects. You and your team will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entire project from requirements gathering through execution.

Application Analysis
Script Planning
Script Development + Testing

QA Testing + Automation Case Studies

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