Slick List Provides An Innovative Platform For Dental Clinics

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Industry: Healthcare

About: Slick List is a SaaS (software as a service) company serving dental clinics in the US

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One Integrated Platform Serving US Dental Clinics


Dental clinics have long faced an antiquated, siloed process for ordering from various suppliers. The process has often included manually placing orders via individual supplier websites, email, or even ordering over the phone. The result is an ordering process that provides little visibility into order tracking and no holistic view of inventory.

Business Challenge

Slick List is a SaaS (software as a service) company serving dental clinics in the US. Their platform aims to allow clinics to manage their supplier integration, manage orders, and manage inventory all in one place. To bring this vision to life, Slick List enlisted the help of outside expertise to build one integrated platform that serves these needs.

How Xcelacore Solved The Challenge

Using Microsoft Azure Cloud, the Xcelacore team built a scalable platform that acts as one innovative and integrated solution for dental clinics. The platform leverages automation and enables supplier integration, order management, and inventory management. Clinics are able to easily manage users, allowing them to assign roles with specific responsibilities and permissions. Other features of the platform include visibility into low stock items, the ability to set reorder thresholds, and the ability to compare costs of multiple distributors.

The Results

By automating the order and inventory management process, Slick List is improving productivity, efficiency, and is ultimately helping dental clinics cut costs. Slick List aims to soon be a top supplier aggregator for dental clinics across the US.


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