You know what you want technology to do. But you don't know where you are now, or how to get there.

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Xcelacore was founded on the principle that business leaders and technology leaders need common ground. Business needs technology to accelerate process and revenue streams, and technology needs business for strategic direction and priorities. So why does it seem that so many companies struggle to make business and technology align?

The Xcelacore team is comprised of technology and business leaders who have been in leadership roles in corporate, agency, tech firm, and dot-com environments. We’ve helped each of these companies succeed by aligning the right technology solutions with business objectives.

We specialize in strategy, end-to-end custom application development leveraging web and mobile technologies, Azure development, data integrations, data analytics, and QA automation.

We believe that the right technology accelerates the pace and profitability of business.

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Digital has changed the landscape for businesses. It’s more important than ever to create and maintain an online presence that works for your business. And as important as your online presence is, measuring it’s effectiveness is a critical aspect to your digital footprint. We offer complete, integrated digital business and technology services.

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Making the wrong choice in technology can be costly and can seriously damage a company’s ability to grow or compete. Understanding why something needs to be designed or executed one way rather than another is rooted in strategy. Technology that lacks a guiding strategy is how companies end up with multiple systems that don’t communicate, duplicate functions in multiple departments, or house the same information in multiple places causing staff to duplicate time and effort. It can be a paralyzing situation that costs time and extraordinary amounts of money.

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Marketing is technology. From communications channels, to business intelligence, to advertising, to engagement, everything is digital. Our team of marketing leaders can help you define the optimal marketing strategy, craft a plan, and even help carry out the plan if that’s what you need. We can be a SWAT team, a pure project team, or an ongoing partner.

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Microsoft / Azure / .Net Certified

The Microsoft technology stack offers a new level of flexibility, sustainability, scalability, and resource. With perhaps the world's most popular programming languages, Xcelacore's development and architecture team is certified in the development of Microsoft-powered technologies. Whether starting from scratch, or refactoring an existing application, our team can help you starting today.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Certified Provider

If you're looking for a single-source solution to your martech stack, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is a powerful option. Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you the most complete set of integrated digital marketing solutions available. It provides everything you need to organize, access, and personalize your marketing content. It gives you deep insights into what’s working with your customers and the ability to consistently deliver the best experiences to every customer across every channel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

While Salesforce is known as one of the most dynamic and powerful CRM systems, it also has become one of the most powerful marketing stacks as well. From email to mobile, social to CPC, even sophisticated marketing automation, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud has become a one-stop solution. Our marketing professionals have been using Salesforce solutions and can customize your solution from start to optimization.

Google Partner

We're certified partners for Google's powerful analytics and advertising solutions. We can delve into consumer behaviors on your site and optimize their conversion path, driving higher revenues. We also can research, plan, and manage your advertising programs to reach targeted audiences with the right message.

Leadership Team

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