Ubid.com was undertaking a new platform redesign and re-launch of their website for ecommerce business and engaged Xcelacore for the delivery.

ubid new site


Ubid.com was undertaking a new platform redesign and re-launch of their website for ecommerce business and engaged Xcelacore for the delivery.

The Challenge

Ubid was undertaking a new platform redesign and re-launch of their website to rebuild their ecommerce business. They needed help in managing the technology transition to the new platform and also marketing help to launch and grow the customer base.

Xcelacore Solution

First, we evaluated the current state of technology and marketing to come up with an integrated strategy to help transition to this new platform and ensure a successful launch. The strategy included: technology consulting on back-end data migration, comprehensive marketing strategy on customer retention and growth and end-user communication. We also managed their social media and email marketing. An additional strategy was put in place to engage the current customers through social media, revamped email strategy as well as re-engaging their dormant customer base through special offers.

The Result

The client saw a 30-40% increase in revenues within 1 month of working with Xcelacore!. Using us as their technology and marketing arm resulted in a 50% savings!

Email Marketing: Connecting Your Email Marketing Provider to Google Analytics

Setting up your digital infrastructure is very important for any business, but it is also fairly complicated when starting off. First of all, you need to select a email provider. For small business, Mailchimp and Constant Contact are great options. For enterprise, ExactTarget and Silverpop are more appropriate options. Next, Google Analytics needs to be set up to run on your website and configured for conversions. Your on your way to being a digital rock star. You start your newsletter campaigns hoping to see all the email traffic you have generated only to realize that your GA report is not showing email traffic. Figure 1 shows a channel report from Google Analytics. The third entry per the image below should should you how much traffic you have gained from email. But if you haven’t properly integrated the two platforms, all the traffic may be classified as direct and you’ll never know the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Figure 1



So, how do you solve? It’s different in each platform but generally configuring the platform requires some form of administrative setup to use the google analytics campaign variables. As a quick review, below is a list of the Google Analytics campaign variables that you have the option of setting on each email, link you would like to track: More information is available at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867?hl=en


In ExactTarget, when you start the engagement, it’s critical that you tell your account rep that you want a link similar to the following set for your account: ?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email. This will ensure base level reporting so that Google Analytics can identify the source and medium of your emails. To take it a step further, you will need to look further at configuring the ExactTarget web connector for configuring campaign and email level data. More information can be found here: https://help.marketingcloud.com/en/documentation/integrated_products__crm_and_web_analytic_solutions/web_analytics_connector/ .


In Silverpop, the setup is very similar except you won’t need help from an account rep to make the update. You can use the following documentation to create an append string that will be concatenated to every email. Use the following documentaiton https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSTSRG/Step_1_Configure_the_Append_String.html. More advanced setup such as campaign name passing is also available.


To keep this short, I will also quickly provide the links on how to how to make this integration work in both Constant Contact and MailChimp. Please review and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Constant Contact: http://support2.constantcontact.com/articles/FAQ/2687#Add



In summary, I can’t state the importance of making sure your email marketing platform and Google Analytics are integrated and working correctly together. If you’re going to be a digital marketing rockstar, you’ll need to take these steps to complete this configuration.