Questions To Ask: 2024 Technology Strategy & Budget Planning

With the end of the year comes measuring successes, identifying shortcomings, and looking forward to the possibilities and challenges that lay ahead. Xcelacore is here to help businesses define their technology strategy, goals, and budget for the new year. Let’s take a look at what all businesses should consider when making their 2024 plans.

Does your business strategy align with your technology strategy?

We enlist technology to overcome business challenges. Whether it’s streamlining backend processes or creating a user-friendly customer experience, technology is the answer and driving revenue is the goal. It’s crucial to take your business goals into consideration when crafting your technology strategy. Identify challenges for each line of business, determine what processes are in place, and identify how technology might overcome challenges, streamline efficiency, and lead to success in the new year.

Have you considered what automation can do for your business?

Repetitive, manual tasks can be time consuming and costly. As automation continues to evolve, more businesses are leveraging technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA executes manual tasks and frees up your employees’ valuable time. Take inventory of what manual tasks your employees are completing on a daily or weekly basis and consider whether or not automation may be a worthy investment for saving time and labor costs in the new year.

Have you taken a deeper look at your tech stack?

As we reflect on the successes of the past year, so too must we assess what tools added value. Taking stock of all technology tools, surveying for feedback from the teams that use the tools, and noting the overall investment in said tools is an important part of planning for the future. Identify consolidation opportunities, determine what gaps remain, and consider exploring other technology or software options where necessary.

Do you have buy-in from all the key stakeholders?

One of the biggest challenges in implementing new technology is resistance to change. Clearly outline the benefits of implementing new technology or adding new technology projects to the roadmap. The benefits should impact the goals of the entire company and should be felt by every department. Furthermore, when leadership is on board and leads by example, their teams and direct reports will likely lean-in quicker and with less resistance.

How Xcelacore Can Help

When in doubt, seek outside experts to help craft your technology strategy, goals, and budget for the new year. Our team of experts is hyper focused on harmonizing business and technology for your organization. We help our clients navigate technology investments and implementation, increase ROI, and make sustainable, affordable technology decisions.

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