Why Customer Experience Should Be a Top Priority For Your Business

Your business is very special to you, it is your baby. We know this first-hand here at Xcelacore. You watch your business idea come to life slowly and gradually. You watch your idea grow and take its first steps into the world of business. It is a very special process. But, as we all know, a business is very fragile and can dissipate as fast as it was created. So, what can businesses do in order to better ensure survival? The number one factor that influences a business is the customer experience and keeping your customers happy.

Customer experience and satisfaction is important because…

  • It keeps those customers coming back!
  • It leads to recommendations!
  • It reduces negative word-of-mouth!
  • It lessens competitor advancement!
  • It is the foundation of every business!

How can you make sure your customers are satisfied?

1. Measure Satisfaction – Send out surveys or ask your customers to write reviews on your service. This shows the customer that your company genuinely cares about what the customer thinks. It will make the customer feel like their opinion matters within your business. *If you are asking for customer opinion, always make sure to note those opinions- never ignore!

2. Treat your customers like they are your boss – Technically, your customers are your boss- they’re paying your bills aren’t they? So make sure you’re catering to all of their needs.

3. Say thank you – Always use your manners in the business world, it goes a long way and it is remembered.

4. Investigate what your customers are saying – Use social media to see what your customers (or potential customers) are saying about your business and your competition. This will give you organic information to use in order to provide the best service. This is very helpful because a lot of unhappy customers will not directly tell you but will tell social media about an issue.

5. Go above and beyond – Provide your customers with more than what you promise them.

6. Talk to them – Communicate with your customers directly in order to humanize your business and add some personality. This will also make your customers feel important. You would return to a business that made you feel important, right? Email is a great tool- use it!

7. Make customer service a top priority – Make a good impression with your customers early on in your business relationship.


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