cloud computing

Cloud Service Providers Decoded

Which of the Big 3 Cloud Service Providers is Best for Me and Why Choose One Over the Other? To say that the cloud has played a transformational role in redesigning enterprise architecture today would be a vast understatement.  While early pioneers of cloud computing primarily used it for testing environments, companies with fluctuating workload … Read More

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Azure Are Transforming the Retail Industry

As online retailing continues to grow exponentially, retailers find themselves facing new sets of problems that weren’t indicative of the in-store shopping experience of yesterday.   Two weeks ago, Nike cited industry research that shows that roughly 60 percent of consumers are wearing the wrong shoe size.  This is a significant problem for the athletic shoe … Read More

cloud computing

Trend: Multiple Cloud Environments

Building the right cloud environment to meet business objectives You’ve probably heard the old saying, “He’s got his head in the clouds,” right? Well today, businesses have a whole lot more in the cloud. According to a 2018 article in CIO magazine, 96 percent of businesses today now use the cloud in some capacity.  Businesses … Read More