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Industry: Legal

Employees: 50+

HQ Location: Chicago, IL

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IP EDGE Custom Software

Business Background

IP Edge is a patent space broker offering expertise in patent monetization.  One of their key services is pursuing patent infringement abuses.  After identifying an infringement, they contact any parties who may have claimed to lose royalties or profits and assemble a legal time to file a case.  While IPEdge doesn’t actively participate in the litigation, they assemble the legal team that organizes the initial effort.  

Business Challenge

Patent law is highly complex, and so is the process of pursuing the settlement of an infringement case.  Many parties are involved, including multiple law firms, brokers, and patent owners.  For ten years, IPEdge utilized an assembly of spreadsheets to run its business.  Much time was wasted manually shuffling and modifying spreadsheets which made the storage of spreadsheets complex.  The involved spreadsheet formulas to compute the awarded settlements were highly cumbersome and were in constant flux as the case developed. 

How Xcelacore Solved the Challenge

IPEdge leaders realized the need to modernize their operations and workflow procedures and sought to software define them.  They came to Xcelacore to customize a solution for their business. The Xcelacore team developed an application portal that eliminated the firm’s dependency on spreadsheets.  The application’s first phase was a module for case distribution with a complex algorithm that accurately distributes rewarded settlements to the various parties.  

The completed solution that Xcelacore delivered IPEdge the ability to attain a more cohesive, streamlined experience amongst the stakeholders of each individual case.  The Xcelacore team ended up delivering more than just greater efficiencies.  They took a highly unique business and brought it to scale to provide greater visibility, proficiency, and empowerment amongst all parties.  

The application was built on a scalable and secure platform on AWS, leveraging state of the art web technologies, React JS on the front end, and Python on the backend. 

The Results

Xcelacore, working closely with the IP EDGE Management, delivered a state of the art custom web solution incorporating complicated business logic that allows IPEDGE to manage their business better.

Technologies Used

Frontend Technologies:
• React 17.0.2
Backend Technologies:
• Python 3.6.0
• Flask 1.1.2
• Docker
• Kubectl
• AWSCLI 1.18.41
• Xlsxwriter
• Phpmyadmin
• Postman

Love the portal. It’s made managing our business so much easier
Sanjay Pant
Managing Partner at IP EDGE


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