About Xcelacore


Collectively, our management team has held the titles of CEO, CTO, CMO, and VP. With this collective level of experiences, we understand the expectations, goals, pressures, and requirements that our clients face each day. Said slightly differently, we’ve walked a mile in your shoes and we have an appreciation for what you need to do.

Whether working for a self-funded start-up or a mature Fortune 500 company, we will use the experiences from our own careers, and serving our clients for the past several years, to serve your unique needs. Your success is our commitment.

Business Impact

Success is measured differently depending on the project. However, in almost every circumstance, success is measured by dollars. Whether it’s product build that yields a growth in revenue or profits, or an infrastructure project that saves time and money, in virtually every case success is ultimately measured by how your project impacts the bottom line.

The business impact of Xcelacore’s work is measured in the following ways:

  1. Predictability – It’s often very difficult to accurately measure out six months or more into the future in business. You can make well informed, educated guesses, but the pace at which business moves today means that expenses or expectations might have shifted dramatically within that time. That’s why we utilize an Agile methodology for our projects. That means you know what’s happening, when, and that increments of the overall project have been tested and delivered within weeks – not months. And if for whatever reason the direction or requirement of a project shifts, we can be flexible and build on the work we’ve done as an investment, rather than scrapping the expense.
  2. Measurement – The closer you are to real-time, the better you are at managing outcomes. Whether it’s knowing what you’re spending in two-week increments, or what investment you’re making into a digital marketing campaign from day to day, as the project owner you’re close to the results. You know what you’re spending and what you’re making in such a way that you can feel confident with status and know you won’t be surprised.
  3. Transparency – They say that information is power. In our experience, it’s a requirement for effective management. When you work with Xcelacore, status, statistics, analytics, expenses, and revenues generated are delivered on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Cost Responsibility

Cost is a dirty word, but one that virtually every business owner accepts like a trip to the dentist every six months – it’s unpleasant, but necessary if you want to take care of your business. And while cost is one way of describing the expense on a bill, we hope to shape that into investment in your mind.

We cover our expenses and operate nimbly. That means our services are less expensive than large firms. Why? Because we hope to develop a long-standing partnership with you. If an agency expects a one-time project, then they’ll garner a premium for that work. We expect to earn our place alongside you.

Two-week sprints contain costs to a predictable amount for predictable work. You build confidence as increments of your project are delivered as expected, on-time, and for a stated amount.

We believe that’s responsible management, so that’s our promise.