Case Study

David C Cook brand Disciplr partners with Xcelacore to build a new digital platform on Microsoft Azure.


Disciplr, a David C Cook company specializes in providing digital interactive Christian ministry content for children.  The company was formed by its parent David C Cook to capitalize on increasing demand for Christian curriculum content delivered and managed in a robust digital environment.  Disciplr was in the process of building a new digital platform that will be the foundation to its core content offerings.  Disciplr engaged Xcelacore to consult on architecture assessment and document the current platform. Additionally, Disciplr also needed to increase development footprint and build an automated testing platform.

Technology Assessment

This was a 4-week effort where Xcelacore’s team spent week 1 with the Disciplr team to understand the current and future application functionality and did a code walkthrough.  The next 3 weeks were spent on code analysis, identifying gaps and recommendations.  Based on Xcelacore’s recommendations, Disciplr asked to help them with the execution.

Test Automation Platform

Xcelacore assembled a two-person QA team that developed a test automation platform for Disciplr using Selenium.  This has significantly reduced the overall time for regression testing and has improved application quality and team velocity.

Application Development

At first, Disciplr asked to supplement their team with two. Net Azure developers.  Based on the quality and skills of those developers, Disciplr asked Xcelacore to completely take over the entire development of their application.

Now the team works closely with Disciplr product owner to plan, develop, and release application enhancements.  This application is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud and is based on MVC framework and .Net Core platform utilizing Azure SQL, Azure Search, Azure Blob Storage, and other services.

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