Just a little over a year ago, we acquired DJ’s Sports Bar & Grill as a client. For the past year, we have been posting and monitoring all of DJ’s social media pages (FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestGoogle+Yelp, and Foursquare). Our main objectives with DJ’s has been to boost interactiveness on social media and increase venue popularity during lunch hours. We have found that a good amount of potential and current customers are on social media; after testing the waters this year, so to speak, we have found what this audience wants to see on social media. By doing this, we have created a voice and steady following for DJ’s Sports Bar & Grill.
We have launched several different social media campaigns throughout this year, including the #DJsGram campaign, which produced high visibility, due to the interactiveness (“likes”, comments, shares, etc.). The campaign involved an Instagram cardboard cutout that customers at DJ’s could take pictures with (see picture below). To boost interactiveness, we created an incentive for customers to take a picture with the cutout and post it on social media; each week we would announce the winner of a $20 DJ’s gift card, for posting the most unique picture to social media. These pictures provided us with organic content for our viewers and it produced high visibility – each time someone posted a picture with the cutout, it was subliminal advertising.

Each month we analyze the analytics to find what is working and what is not, in order to better apply our tools. This month we have looked back on the past year to see the growth of the restaurant’s social media popularity. We have found the following for the top three social media platforms:


The increase in social media activity has boosted interactiveness and sales, according to business owner, Tracey Valerio. Tracey explains that, “Since hiring Xcelacore to handle all my social media needs I have seen an increase in sales (specifically in the areas we were trying to improve, therefore targeted.) Also, as we are a local business we see a lot of “regulars” and we have seen an increase in 1st time customers. I can see by my monthly reports how effective they are by seeing the posts, reviews, and interaction within each social media site.” She continues by noting, “The number one benefit for me is that I don’t have to spend hours of my day or hire a full time employee to monitor all these sites for reviews and interactions. I also seem to have a higher ranking on Google as some new customers tell us that is how they found us.”

We’re excited about working with our new clients and looking forward to work with other businesses. Contact hello@xcelacore.com to schedule a consultation.